March 2023

Science Don't Care About Politics @ Stockey Centre

Friday August 18, 2023 at 8 PM till 10

In the theater on the main stage 


Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts

Two Bay Street
Parry Sound, ON
P2A 1S3

befreeyourself  -  science don’t care about politics

    On Friday August 18th, 2023 befreeyourself will perform two one hour concerts at the Stockey Theatre in Parry Sound starting at 8pm. We will be recording and filming for Utube. The music we will be performing has been directly inspired by environmental activism. Songs like TruTeam express the rebellious spirit we had in the sixties that desperately wanted to change what we called the administration. The squares among us seem to fear change the most. Unfortunately we caved in when the going got tough and one could argue became more subservient to the almighty dollar.

    Speaking of which, Seth Kliens’ new book The Good War, speaks to how you should deal with an ‘emergency’. First you spend money. Second you create government institutions to deal with the problem. Our government currently is committing to 8B annually when it should be at least 50B. Seth uses the 2nd World War as a global emergency example of how we all came together and won. Sure, everyone had to sacrifice something but in the end we won. Quite frankly, that’s what’s missing today. Very few of us seem willing to sacrifice even in the slightest way, our comfort zone. Complacency is the true enemy and that’s why we believe that good cutting edge music is a constant reminder to never become that enemy. Whether you believe it or not climate change is an emergency on a global scale.

    We promise you if you come out to see us, that we will sprinkle in love songs and special guess players and singers for your enjoyment. We will also try to appeal to your sense of humour by telling true stories of human encountrers during actions. Security are usually retired law officers and then there’s law enforcement personnel and of course Superior Court itself. Good people for the most part trapped in a bad, or at least an outdated system.

    Tickets on sale now.. Hope to see you there. cheers
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