befreeyourself - FIRE IN THE HEART


Fire In The Heart (Ice In The Mind) Terry Christenson 2021

     Balance. Without it, whatever your passion is, you become very vulnerable to exploitation by those who are unbalanced. Ice in the mind is not at all like ice in the heart. I remember the well known expression ‘they have ice in their veins’, when referring to someone who’s being couragous, totally focused and winning against all odds. This seems to suggest that we have to be cold blooded, reptillian in nature, to be so detached from fear. We often assume when someone is unsuccessful that fear of failure is to blame, when sometimes fear of success is in play. It’s complicated. Success means being responsible. As my brother Ken wrote decades ago ‘failing at a brave new enterprise is often more of a success than a highly compromised success'. 

     Context. Without it, whatever you think you know becomes obvious to you that you in fact know it all. If I think about the relationship between heart rate and temperature ‘ice in the mind’ is actually critical thinking, which when you get comfortable with the journey inside yourself, suddenly it becomes obvious that  human beings are complicated. There’s only one way I know of getting close to the truth and that is simply controlling my heart rate. cheers t

befreeyourself - TURNING OVER A NEW LEAF


 New Leaf    Terry Christenson 2001

    I’ve always had a problem with people who seem to madly fall in love and after the infatuation wears off, they hate each other. I never trust someone who's looking for the one true love. If you can only love one person, to my way of thinking, you know nothing of love.

befreeyourself - MORNING BUTTERFLIES

Morning Butterflies    Terry Christenson 2019

     This is a song about a quiet, humble confidence powered by patience. I started climbing late in life. I was in my forty fifth year and found myself in Austin, Texas and was very fortunate to hang out and climb with locals, some of whom were into getting yogafied. I had never stretched a day in my life and it took two years of patience to realize how flexibility is actually power. It took a lot of patience to learn the fundamental body flow of visualize and go. No thinking allowed. Climbing hard is more about letting go than holding on. And if you believe that, soloing is about having your cake and eating it to. Something that doesn’t seem possible. 

    Morning coffee tastes so good when one considers that no matter how hard you train your mind and body, there is still the rock and ice. Its integrity is on you and your judgement as a soloist on any given day. Never lose your fear. Manage it. Morning butterflies have always guarded my heart and reminded me what a great gift life actually is. In the end what takes you is complacency, which is lack of respect and passion.  I’ve always known that it was up to me to make my life rich with personal experience and now more than ever, I'm aware of how short and precious it is.  Cheers. t