befreeyourself - Roadsong

Roadsong (Terry Christenson) 

      I wrote Roadsong many years ago when I was an iron John, a person who struggles to show emotional vulnerability to intimate partners. Boys of my generation were not to cry, as if it was a sign of weakness. Of course, there is some wisdom in that approach in that whatever sex you are, there seems to be a tendency to use sex against one another. And trust has to be earned. When one is constantly on the road it eventually gets easier to say goodbye, have a nice life. I often think of the many beautiful people who I had the pleasure of knowing for a short while and I wonder how their lives turned out. And yes, I do feel sadness that I hadn’t matured to the point of having a good cry once in awhile.

      I’d like to thank my friend Helen Vukovich for her work on the keys. I thought it better to perform the song live as a duo. Afterall, the piano is the orchestra of instruments. Hope you enjoy. Cheers. t 

written by Terry Christenson


Terry Christenson - vocals

Helene Vukovich - electric piano