befreeyourself - Science Dont Care About Politics

Science Don’t Care About Politics (Hess, Metcalfe, Christenson)

      In the not too distant past our government asked us to pick the greatest Canadian. I wasn’t surprised that Tommy Douglas won with health care for all, but I was taken back when I heard that Don Cherry won out over David Suzuki. Go figure. Sad to say, but like I stated in my defense in BC Superior Court 'I never thought I’d say this but I’m ashamed to be a Canadian.’ I was referring of course to the centuries old, church run, government endorsed partnership which gave birth to the Doctrine of Discovery (residential schools). Just yesterday, March 30, 2023 the Vatican finally relented. Maybe now Supreme and Superior Courts can find the will to treat First Nations fairly, like a peacekeeping country should in the 21st century.

     Having said that though, I feel for scientists. It must be incredibly frustrating to be passionate about the search for truth in a world where predatory capitalism runs the show, and most of us are interested in, or distracted by that bullshit. Suzuki has done more than any Canadian to educate the average person about science yet too many of us think that a fucking game and its characters takes precedent. This past year we all got to see where teaching young males that you need to win at all cost, leads to.

     This music is a Chris Hess vision. Our friend Chris Metcalfe and I contributed most of the lyrics. We’d like to dedicate this tune to David Suzuki and all the true scientists around the globe who haven’t been corrupted by big money and politics. 

     Special thanks to Ruth Wilgress for the two cityscapes artwork and Rachael Ball for the Panda/pipeline black and white. Cheers t